Thursday, February 14, 2008

Swing Till Your Final Breath.

This post is not about love though it is posted on valentines' day.
my valentines' date was a guy and it's not because I'm a gay,
but it is because I am the type of guy who does not believe in valentines' day as being just one day.
I believe that if you truly love someone,
you would not just dress to impress or buy roses or write mushy cards for that person for that one day alone.
To me,
it should be an everyday event.
And it's not only to the person you like that you show extra love and concern for,
but to your friends as well.
that's my take on valentines' day.

I've been sitting around pondering about life and how much worse this world is becoming.
It leads me to the question of what best decribes life.
Many people would use the analogy of a roller-coaster or a carousel where it's all about the ups and downs of life.
I however have a different perspective of life.
In my point of view,
I feel that life is like a super heavy swing and what you choose to do to it.

Type One:
You can be the type of person who sees a swing,
sits on it and after seeing that you don't have the strength to swing it,
spins it round and round, entangling the rings holding the swing,
and release it after.

Type Two:
You can also be the type of person who sees a swing,
sits on it and after seeing that you don't have the strength to swing it,
accepts and surrenders to the fact that you can't swing it and just remain seated on it.

Type Three:
Or you can be the type of person who sees a swing,
sits on it and after seeing that you don't have the strength to swing it,
humbly calls on a friend to push you as hard as he or she can while you paddle your legs back and forth.

Type one people are the kind who go in an everlasting circuit of sin,
causing trouble for their own life.
These are the people who are ashamed to call on for help in troubled times and when they sin,
they may ask for forgiveness but tends to repeat the feat.
Type two people are the kind who are the pessimists,
not even trying.
These are the people who are ashamed to call on for help in troubled times and they surrender to the fact that they can't do it when they do not even bother trying.
They will just live life by like this.
Type three people are the kind who know that they are weak and need help.
These are the people who count on the assistance of another person in troubled times.
They humble themselves and make the effort to complete with the assistance.

You see my friends,
most of you are living as the type one and type two people who dare not try,
who are afraid of some mayhem to happen.
You guys would just keep it within yourself when you have a problem.
But eventually,
the problems will just keep piling and you'll find it hard to carry on in life.
Then you'll fall into sin;
pornography, alcohol etc,
or even get into relationships just to make you feel better.
If you can humble yourselves and take that leap of faith by trusting the only one person who can save you from eternal condemnation,
Jesus Christ,
you'll be able to really see the greater things in life over the horizon when you're up that swing.
I am not trying to be holy again,
but I post these because I care and love you guys.
You guys may hate me and what I'm doing,
but I do not care or hate you back.
I am not just referring to non-Christians,
but to Christians as well.

There are Christians who haven't been living the way they should be.
There are Christians who have died.
But I know that one day,
they'll be back.
I just do not wish to see my Christian friends to ever backslide,
even though some are on the verge of doing so.
It's also your choice of how you'll want to swing.
Someone may have pushed you already,
but if you do not take the effort and hardwork to paddle back and forth,
you'll still go back to square one and you'll be no different from what you were initially.
But there is yet another choice;
humbly ask that person to push you once again (and you know that person will always and forever be at your assistance if you ask).
If you claim that you're a Christian and not living like one,
you're like the type two person:
sitting on the swing and just staying there.
Take a knife and stab me if you want if you guys feel that I am rebuking you,
but come what may,
I still care for you people.
This world as we know it will be coming to an end shortly,
now's the time to jump,
and take that leap of faith by trusting Jesus Christ with all your problems.
He saved us once,
and He'll save us once again.

"With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
- Matthew 19:26

So are you going to swing or not?

RGEN, please do not die...please.

Monday, February 11, 2008


had nothing to do and just decided to do some old school blog hopping.
Came across Zi's blog and was really convicted to speak on the content there.
Animal cruelty.
Why can't people just appreciate God's creations?
Skinning animals for their skins?
Come on!

Just recently during a chalet,
I went out with two of my other peers to buy some grub for the crew back in the chalet.
On the way back,
we decided to rest at a bicycle rental store.
There we saw three men using a bicycle basket as a trap, tilting it up on one side with a crumb of bread in it.
They were trying to trap some flock of pigeons and they managed to trap one unfortunate pigeon after all their efforts.
Me and another of my peer just thought that they were just having some fun and that they'll release the pigeon after the had enough.
But then my peer heard one of the guys said "Jiak, jiak?" which was in dialect.
In english it means: Eat.
My friend and I were shocked and we thought it was a joke.
But one of the guys started grabbing that poor bird by its wings, taking out a pair of sissors and aiming at its wings.
My friend told us to quickly run away.
But something in me managed to muster out enough courage to stand up to those guys and told them that it was illegal to kill or even torture animals.
In chinese of course.
When they still refused,
I threatened to call the police.
They soon abided to it and set that pigeon free.
We went off after that and I could still hear them cursing at me from a distant.
I called the SPCA and the police after in fear that they'll try out the same trick again.

Let's look at this in another context.
How would you feel if you see another creature skinning a human being alive?
that's exactly how animals feel when they see their own species exterminated.
Animals are like us;
they have a family,
they fight to survive,
they have a Father up above who cares for them.
They are not much different from us.
Why overlook them?

I still can't figure out how can human beings be so cruel to the smallest of creatures.
God created every single thing on earth for a reason.
Even the notorious mosquitoes.
If God didn't cared a hoot about the other creatures,
why did He instuct Noah to build the ark in the first place?
He should tell Noah to build a sampan instead if He just wants to save Noah's life alone.
"And of every living thing of all flesh you shall bring two of every sort into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. Of the birds after their kind, of animals after their kind, and of every creeping thing of the earth after it's kind, two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive."
- Genesis 6:19-20

It is us who are the animals,
not them.

Pledge to go fur-free at
SPCA hotline: 62875356

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Gruelling Wait.

Beads of pespiration dotted my forehead as I await impatiently. In agony, I refrained from moving but the jerky movements did no help at all. With more people entering every three minutes, so was the pain. Mockings and questions which I paid no attention to whispered through the air.

How much longer do I have to wait? How much longer do I have to suffer?

I could feel it gushing out but forcing it back in took alot of my energy and I simply couldn't take it no longer. I started to pray in desperation for some consolation. I felt dumb doing that, but what was I to do then? All I could do was sit and wait. The handle somehow suppressed the pain diffusing within me as I clenched tightly onto it. The green lights offered me hope whilst the red lights offered me nothing but more pain.

The number of permutations offered to me was just one: Endure.
Just when all hope was gone, the turn caught my attention. We were finally here! The gates opened and as I ran the fastest I ever ran, dodging every single obstacle in my way, I knew that salvation was near.

As I reached the finishing line, I finally could let everything out. How great it felt. Everything was over. All the pain suffered, all the waiting, all gone.
Strolling out lighter than ever, one of my peers surveyed and inquired me,
"So, how was the toilet?"

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Just what exactly is happiness?
Is happiness only there when you're with someone you have a feeling for?
Is happiness only there when you're around with your friends?
Is happiness only there when you have money?
Is happiness only there when you have that tinge of satisfaction within your soul?
Every single day,
people all around are fighting to try find this one thing called happiness.
But there's hardly anyone who can truly find it.

The dictionary defines happiness as:
A state of being happy.
But where do we find it?
How do we make it last?

I thought I found happiness when I got into a relationship two years ago.
Sure I was happy at that moment.
Messages and calls every night made me feel loved; made me feel important.
But a few months later,
it all went wrong.
Apparently love is a fragile word to say.
When you say it,
be assured that you mean it.
I thought I was assured enough to say those three words,
but it ended up being mere words and I broke off with her because I didn't truly loved her the way she loved me.
Though I may have broken off with her,
I was depressed for what I've done to her.
Where was my happiness then?
It went as quickly as it came.

I thought I found happiness when I hung out with these group of friends back in my primary school days.
I was ecstatic whenever I met those guys.
We did the funniest things you'd never imagine together and I thought I was one of them.
But what happened in the end?
I got back-stabbed by a few of them within the group calling me fat and useless; a freak,
and there I was left to fend for myself.
Where did my happiness went to?

I never thought I could find any good use for a thesaurus until when I flipped through the pages of it.
I realised an important factor in it:
Happiness = contentment.

Why can't we ever be satisfied?
Why is it that when we have something great,
we would ask for something greater?
Look around you and you'll see old folks on the streets selling packets of tissue paper for a living.
Look around you and you'll see disabled people on the streets doing whatever they can to earn a living.
Look around you and you'll see families in other countries who share just one bowl of rice per meal.
Look around you.
They're contented with what they have.
Why can't we?
Why can't we be satisfied with what the Lord has given to us?
Four movable limbs, five senses and a well-functioned body.

In retrospect,
I do admit I have dissatisfaction with my build.
I'm still finding it hard being satisfied with this height of mine.
But I'm learning.
I realised that it's time for me to grow up and stop worrying about what others may think of me.
So what if some may mistake me for a fourteen year old?
So what if some may make fun of me?
What matters is what God thinks of me.

If you guys are wondering why I've changed,
it's because of Jesus Christ.
He changed my life and He can change yours too if you give Him a chance.
From a kid who uses vulgarities in every single sentence spoken,
who uses pornography to drown his sorrows,
to a guy who's making a stand in life; believing in Jesus Christ.
Christianity is not a religion,
it is a lifestyle.
He's going to save us all just as He did before.

So how do we find happiness?
"For without Him, who can eat or find happiness?"
- Ecclesiastes 2:24

This is the everlasting happiness.