Thursday, August 30, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Goodbye Gabriel

The tragic accident that happened 3 days agao took the life of my friend Gabriel.
Though we weren't that close, we still knew each other and
it hurts me to see him go like this.
The bus driver was trying to race him across the street and obviosuly, it lost.
But it took along my friend with it.
The most tragic thing is that he has a girlfriend, and that's definately the hardest blow anyone can get;
to be seperated forever.
All i can do right now is to pray for his family and his girlfriend.
Pray that the Lord would give them the strength to carry on in life.
The good thing is that he's a Catholic who worships more of God
which means he's now up there,
seated at the right hand of the Father.
Right now, i pray that God will help all my Holy Innocents' friends to be able to concentrate on their Preliminary exams and even more,
their O' level exams.
Here's a poem dedicated to Gabriel and for all his friends:

Death is no respectorof any color or creed
Doesn't care who you are
or what may be your breed

Good things you do on earth
can't change your destiny
Your spiritual life you can change
and eternal life one day you'll see

Death will come to everyone
for the appointed time is set
There is no reason to fear it
for your life is still here yet

May be called home tomorrow
or maybe today or tonight
Remember the choice that you make
will determine if you'll see the Light

While there is still life in you
let your soul cry out to God
And when this life on earth is o'er
you'll tread on His eternal sod

May you rest in peace Gabriel.
He's in a better place now..