Sunday, October 21, 2007

To God Be The Glory Forever And Ever

Well, this would have to be my last blog entry before my 'O' levels examinations.
About the last few days:

Met up with Jeremy and Cheng Shen at rivervale plaza.
Bert, Edmund and Manfred were there too.
Wei jie and the rest of the guys came later.
I really studied my maths that time while Jeremy and Cheng Shen slacked.
Jeremy was playing my handphone game where all he got was 'you're as fast as a tortoise'.
Cheng Shen played 'dai di' most of the time but i cant blame the guys for not worrying.
I mean,
their prelim scores are definately so much better than mine.
But i know for vertain that through God's strength and wisdom,
i can silence the critics and do well for my 'O' levels.
after that went to meet Paul, Janice, Eleanor, Vivian and Esther for study group.
I gave Paul a new comandment:
'Thou shalt not pang seh'.
at around 8.30pm,
we went to the Mac near monfort secondary while Paul went for his cell group meeting.
Studied chemistry and a maths there.
Until around 10pm,
they all went home.
I on the other hand,
continued my studying at kovan Mac until around 12am.
Reached home,
did my quiet time and watched finished my 'Balls Of Fury'.

Woke up continued my maths paper.
Ate my lunch after that.
Proceeded to church afterwards.
While on the bus,
Zi called and said he's outside my house.
He ended up being late for church.
After church,
went for dinner and then studied with Keith, Dud and William.
Dud went home cause he wasnt feeling all too well.
Studied all the way till 11.15pm.
I have to thank Leslie and Jeremy for helping me out back there with some of my questions.
went home,
did my quiet time,
read up my chemistry and watched a little bit of football.
I slept at 3am.

Wasnt able to waqke up for church and so i missed it.
Apparently i think i missed a great sermon today about the 'Shield Of Faith'.
i met Keith and the guys at tan tock seng hospital.
I called Keith a PSK (pon service kia).
Mey Kenneth there.
he was there with his family.
Never thought he would look so guai in front of his folks.
Went to starbucks after that to study with Keith and Lester.
It was a great time of fellowship with the guys and i just want to wish both of them all the best for their exams and preparations.
Went home at around 8pm and read my chemistry on the bus.
Reached home and did a little bit on relative velocity.
Slacked after that.

i just want to wish all the other 'O' level examiners all the best.
I know God will be there with me providing me with everything i need.
I will make use of God's strength and not my own.
I will do it for God's glory and not my own.
To God be the glory forever and ever!

Take care peeps.
Peace out.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


So, havent been blogging recently..
Been really busy studying during the day till night.
And the time when im home,
i would either watch some movies on my computer or play my playstation 2 soccer game.
(since i had Keith keep my psp battery).
here's a round-up on what happened during the week,
not that i know that any of you cares,
but God had serously been working in my life.

It was pouring.
But thank God that i reached kovan earlier than the rain.
So i reached there at around 12.30am.
I went into Mac to find a place but none was available;
the whole place was packed.
So i decided to go to hougang mall Mac to study.
Reached there,
took out my geography and studied on Plate Tectonics.
After that,
i did A Maths all the way till 9pm.
The longest time i studied.
Then went home,
did my quiet time and watched "The Pursuit Of Happyness" again.

Went to kovan Mac in the early afternoon to study.
Did A maths and it ended around 7pm.
Went for dinner with my parents after that.
After dinner,
went home,
do a little bit of A Maths and then my quiet time.
Watched "Goal II" after that.

So this was the best day of the week so far.
Despite the fact that i had to wake up at 9.30am,
i went out to meet Keith and Matthew at The National Library.
On my way there,
i met one of my church-mate and we talked on the mrt about university and army life.
I alighted at dhoby gauht and made my way down to bugis.
Met Keith and Matthew at the library and it was uber quiet.
Even whispers became echoes.
Very difficult to discuss,
but Matthew taught me and Keith alot of A Maths stuff that day.
At around 1pm,
we went for lunch.
We walked around bugis deciding where to eat.
On our walk,
we met this guy with a group of friends.
This guy was wearing a cowboy hat, a pair of shades, a white singlet, a a pair of white running pants and pink underwear.
How do i know it was pink underwear?
Cause his pants was see-through.
Me, Keith and Matthew were basically laughing at the sight of it.
But the sad thing was,
that guy and his bunch of friends were mute.
Sad bunch of transvestides.
So after that,
we decided to eat Pasta Mania.
After lunch,
we went back to the library and studied.
Matthew went to buy some camera for his friend down at bras basah some time later.
When he came back,
Keith pulled a prank on him;
he hid Matthew's bag and i acted along with Keith.
We asked him where was his bag and yadah yadah yadah.
We eventually told him cause he was about to call the camera store to ask about his 'lost' bag.
Matthew left at around 3.30pm and it was down to me and Keith.
We both studied till around 5.30pm.
We decided to go for dinner.
But we ended up catching a movie instead.
We watched "Resident Evil III: Extinction".
The show was better than i expected.
i found my new girlfriend in the movie.
After the movie,
we went back to the library to study till 9pm.
We made our way home after that.
I went home,
did my quiet time and watched "Music and Lyrics".
Great movie!

Went to toa payoh library today and studied my humanities subjects.
It's really very effective if you want to memorise and read something if you do it in the library where it's quiet.
Made my way back to school at around 5pm for chemistry lessons.
Reached school at around 6pm and wandered around looking for the lesson.
At around 6.30pm,
i realised Yeo Mei was seen here and i called her.
Apparently class started 1 hour ago.
Hao Zhi gave me the wrond information but i dont blame him one bit.
"Forgive for I have forgiven you."
That was what Jesus said to His desciples.
Hopefully Hao Zhi knows this.
So i went home after that to watch "Scary Movie 4".
Did some A Maths questions and now going to do my quiet time.

i can really see the work of God in my life and i just want to commit myself to Him.
Into loving Him more and to bring more people to salvation.
That's all i want to see.
And for Keith and Matthew,
thanks for Wednesday.
It was a blast.

"No, but in all these things we have complete victory through Him who loves us."
- Romans 8:37

i will fight this war with God on my side.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


havent been blogging for bout' a week.
Been studying and watching movies at night lately.
a wrap-up on the week.

Studied at potong pasir Mac with Dud.
Studied till quite late and then went home,
did my quiet time and watched "Facing The Giants".

Physics O level practical examination.
It was alright.
Maybe because i've been memorising the precautions beforehand.
1st experiment was some glass block and pins.
2nd experiment was some electricity shit.
went home after the practical.
Zi came over and we watched "The Pursuit Of Happyness".
Went out after that to meet Dud and Xiao Qi at potong pasir Mac.
We studied while Zi did his art prep-work.
Hung out at the spider-web froma round 10pm till 10.30pm and went home after that.

Studied by myself at kovan Mac and met Yeo Mei, Iris and Loo Yee.
Nothing much happened and i studied till around 8.30pm and went home to do my quiet time.
Watched "The Passion Of Christ" after that.

Chem practical O level examination.
The VA was alright.
I especially like it since this was the first time i did my planning.
QA was quite tricky to me.
Forgot that Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid produces Chlorine gas.
Was picking up the test-tube and looking at the colour when the gas just gushed up my nose.
Shocked me for a moment.
Then i thank God for reminding me.
Went home after the practical and went to kovan Mac to meet wei jie to teach me relative velocity.
Talked to him before he left.
Oh well,
i'll just keep praying for him.
I believe God wants to get to know him as well.
Wne for dinner with my parents, sister and grandmother.
After dinner,
i went back to kovan Mac to touch up on my relative velocity.
Went home at around 10pm and did my quiet time.
Watched "Evan Almighty".
But i fell asleep half-way.

Woke up and continued to watch "Evan Almighty".
Zi came over my house early to watch "The Passion Of Christ" after that.
Went out at around 3pm to kovan Mac to study.
Zi played his psp while i studied.
Studied and slacked.
At around 8.30pm,
guess who came to join us?
He didnt know we got saved and he was very happy for us.
If you didnt know,
Paul was the guy who on 01/01/2006 morning 7am,
forced me, Zi and Rong Xing to his church event.
He even paid for the cab.
He planted the seeds in me and Zi's lives.
we studied till 11.45pm.
Went to eat prata after that and just hung out like the good ol' times.
Hope to do that more often.
Paul made a prayer request to us.
We never thought we could see each other praying for each other.
It was a real good feeling.
Paul left and me and Zi settled the bill.
The funniest thing that happened that had me and Zi having cramps from laughter.
This was what happened:
Indian Dude: (with Indian accent) 1 cheese, 2 kosong, 3 egg, 2 bungung and 1 milo right sir?

Me: Ya.

Indian Dude: (with Indian accent) Okay. Wait ar sir.

*This was the part where i thought he would call his friend to help him count, but this was what happened*

Indian Dude: (with Indian accent) &^&($^(#&$&)!#&$)#&$&.

*This was the part where me and Zi was trying to contain our laughter. That dude just murmurred out his Indian chants all of a sudden out loud*

Indian Dude: (with Indian accent) How many egg sir?

Me: (still trying to contain my laughter) Two.

Indian Dude: (with Indian accent) Okay. &^$&^%#(&(*#&)$%)#&@$%#@%.

Indian Dude: (with Indian accent) $11.50 sir.

Me and Zi paid the money,
rushed out of the shop and just burst out in laughter.
So darn funny man,
went home,
did my quiet time and watched "Evan Almighty" with Zi.
After that,
we continued with the movie marathon with "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry".
The whole thing ended at around 5.45am.
Bathed and Zi did his quiet time.
We played Counter-Strike till around 6.20am and slept.

Woke up at around 1pm and ate our lunch.
Wen to church after that and the sermon about how we can resist the Devil in our daily lives.
It tells us that we are MORE THAN conquerers as Christ's children.
Life group after that and qe did some oragami that me and Seah had trouble doing.
We issued out our prayers afterwards.
After curch,
i gathered Ying Hao, Dud, Seah and Zi,
and we just prayed for Wei Jie together.
Went for dinner after that and joked alot.
We had a new saying grace way.
Which is through a song from our primary school.
We seriously joked alot and had alot of fun.
At around 8.30pm,
me, Keith, Seah, Ying Hao and Dud went up to starbucks to study.
Met Jeremy, aka PLGK (Pon Life Group Kia), there doing his confucious way of studying.
Studied till 11pm and me and Keith went home.
Reached home,
did my quiet time,
bathed and went to bed.
Shagged out man.

Didnt actually wanted to go to church today cause i was really really tired.
So i told God,
"I must have at least 8 hours of sleep than i go."
I looked at my clock and did my math.
From 1am till 9.07am.
8 hours!
So i went to church and boy didnt i not regret it.
Worship was great.
The song was very meaningful to me.
Sermon was about how we should not live in the world and that with God, everything is possible.
It was great.
After church was RCC moving out sale.
Did buy anything cause i really didnt know what to buy.
Went for lunch and studied with Keith at starbucks.
Lester and Deborah joined us later.
They were like our tuition teachers.
Thanks guys.
Jeremy joined us after that.
Studied till around 7pm and went home with Keith cause he wanted to watch "Taxi".
Reached home,
ate my dinner while watching "The Simpson's Movie".
Watched half-way and then my brother came back and wanted to watched his anime.
Going out soon to study.
Will be back to watch finish my Simpsons Movie.

"Jesus looked straight at them and answered, "This is impossible for human beings, but for God everything is possible."
- Matthew 19:26

Monday, October 8, 2007

Final Score: Sunday

Arsenal 3 - 2 Sunderland
Arsenal: R. van Persie (7'), P. Senderos (14'), R. van Persie (80')
Sunderland: R. Wallace (25'), K. Jones (48')
Red Card(s):
Sunderland: P. McShane (90')

Liverpool 2 - 2 Tottenham
Liverpool: A. Voronin (12'), F. Torres (90')
Tottenham: R. Keane (45'), R. Keane (47')

Reading 1 - 0 Derby
Reading: K. Doyle (63')

Manchester City 3 - 1 Middlesbrough
Manchester City: C. Riggott (10' og.), B. Elano (33'), B. Elano (63')
Middlesbrough: B. Hutchingson (89')

Blackburn 2 - 1 Birmingham
Blackburn: D. Bentley (15'), B. McCarthy (56' Pen.)
Birmingham: C. Jerome (68')

Bolten Wanderers 0 - 1 Chelsea
Chelsea: S. Kalou (41')

Newcastle 3 - 2 Everton
Newcastle: N. Butt (42'), B. Emre (86'), M. Owen (90')
Everton: A. Johnson (53'), S. Given (90' og.)

Fulham 0 - 2 Portsmouth
Portsmouth: M. Benjani (50'), H. Hreidarsson (52')

Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Future Decided

Today was childrens' day!
Technically we (Christians) are still considered children as we are God's children always and forever.
today all the small little kids came to church and we worshipped together.
Some of the leaders had to do some funny dance which really made us laugh.
So worship was great as we saw the whole church congregation worshipping God together.
The sermon today was about:
Being A Living Stone.
It's about no matter how small we seem to be,
we are all important in shaping the foundation of the church.
The speaker was Lucas's mother and she kept on 'embarassing' him.
During the sermon,
Lucas's mother showed us a short video clip on Finding Nemo.
It was the part at the end where all the fishes were caught in the net.
But they all managed to escape and reach their goal when they all swam together in the same direction and for a common purpose.
And that's what we as Christians need to do.
After church we had a buffet sponsered by Keith's parents.
The food was great.
Issac is so darn cute!
He's Keith's cute baby brother who got committed to the Lord today.
Studied after that and did a maths the whole time there.
Did way pass my capacity as i was tired and i just went crazy again.
After church closed,
me and Keith joined Dud and the A level people at starbucks.
We studied till around 7.30pm when my brother called me and said Arsenal was leading 2-0 with just 15 minutes in the game played.
Immediately i wanted to get back home asap.
God helped me as Dud's father gave me a lift back home.
I was home in 15 minutes.
When i got home,
the score was 2-1.
It was a good match and it ended up 3-2 at full time.
Watched 'I Pronounce You Chuck And Larry' afterwards and it was HILARIOUS.
So all in all the day ended up well.
I guess as the time is drawing closer,
we all have to be living stones in the eyes of the Lord in order to acheive brilliant things.
I will have no fear of my future because i know that my future is in His mighty hands.
Amen to that!

Final Score: Saturday

Manchester United 4 - 0 Wigan
Manchester United: C. Tevez (54'), C. Ronaldo (59'), C. Ronaldo (76'), W. Rooney(82')

Aston Villa 1 - 0 West Ham
Aston Villa: C. Gardner (24')

Swinging With Me

Me and Damien were playing this cool game called Untold Legends last night.
Slept at like 4.30am last night,
or this morning.
So woke up at around 11am and continued our game.
We were late for lunch with Cheryl, Seah and Jasmine.
So were met them at burger king at velocity.
Ate while talking about certain stuffs.
After that,
went to church and i showed them my stuttering and Y-M-C-A routine.
Had pre-service prayer and service after that.
Today's sermon was about:
Being A Spiritual Warrior.
It's basically about how the evil one attacks us and how we must stand firm and resist his attacks.
In doing so,
we will triumph over it as the bible says we are more than conquerers.
Good sermon.
After service,
went for dinner and we took away Roccovo today.
I had the pork rice.
It was not bad.
Good food Seah.
went to the foodcourt and wrecked havoc again.
Settled down at around 8.30pm with Keith and Dud to study.
Went up to startbucks at around 8.45pm and studied till 10.40pm.
At around 9.30pm,
it was already just down to me and Dud.
When i left the place at 10.40pm,
Dud stayed to study more.
Apparently his mojo came into place.
Hopefully he will rest well.
So all in all,
the day was alright and i just want to thank God for speaking to me today.
Indeed Lord,

"Yes, though I walk through the valley of shade, I will have no fear of evil; for You are with me, Your rod and Your support is all I need."
- Psalms 23:4

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Today was the last day of school,
but nothing much happened.
Guess what?
I passed my a maths test miraculously despite not handing in my graph.
Couldve scored more but my careless mistakes had again cost me more than 10 marks.
after school had 2 briefings:
Pure Chemistry Practical and Pure Physics Practical.
Aparently my two practical o level exams are next week.
So after the briefings,
went home to rest and then Zi came to get his psp games.
He bought a 4GB memory stick and was livid.
So we were supposed to meet Esther and Eleanor at 5pm but Zi wanted his games and so we changed it to 5.30pm,
eventually we reached hougang mall at 6pm.
I messaged Esther that Zi was shitting and that's why we were late while Zi messaged Eleanor to tell her that because i was shitting,
we were late.
met up with Esther after such a long time.
Still crazy that girl.
So the 3 of us waited at hougang mall kfc for Eleanor for a LONG time.
She still promised me the previous night that she wouldnt be late.
Gotta buy her a watch for her birthday.
So when she reached,
we ate out dinner and i treated Esther as it's been such a long time since i saw her.
So we crapped alot and we started to study.
I didnt really do anything productive the whole night.
i taught Esther me and Zi's silent laughter,
the W-M-E-... and not to mention,
my Y-M-C-A!
Many people were staring at me as i did the Y-M-C-A.
So funny.
Left that place at around 10pm and Zi came over my house to stay.
Just did our quiet time and we are now going out for some chow.

God is really working within us
and i am really really happy that my friend, Xiang Yu,
had been saved.
Though unofficially,
but i know the signs God is showing Him.
May God grant him peace in his heart.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I just realised i have to think of a good excuse for not going to school today.
So today i woke up and watched Heroes Season 2 episode 2 again.
After that went to compass starbucks to meet Wei Jie.
Studied together and Wei Jie left at 4.30pm.
So i solo'd until 6pm when Dud came to join me.
I could really see improvements in my physic and chemistry and that all has really got to go to God.
was stucked at an a maths question which broke my mojo.
Dud's mojo was broke down by physics.
we both felt staying there any longer would bring about little or no product.
So we both decided to go home.
Reached home at around 9pm and i did physics workout.
Do until 10pm and i went to eat my dinner after that.
Doing my quiet time soon.
i really hate my height indifference.
Im probably the shortest 16 year old guy in north vista and i hate it.
singlehood may be the choice since i figure girls do not want a boyfriend who is short.
Oh well,
i will just have to keep to the faith that the Lord would make me grow.
I'll still praise His name no matter what.

i have none.
i have a big one.

God's Grace

nothing much happened in school today,
except the 'suprise' a maths mock exam we had.
Dont think i'll do well as i was tired and couldnt concentrate.
Not to mention the fact that i only realise i didnt hand in my graph at the end of school.
What a goof am i.
so we had a soccer match after school;
Saints' United FC vs Senor FC (a.k.a Baboons FC).
We had lots of 'time-outs' as in the whole match,
we had a total of 7 different people having cramps on our legs;
Wei Jie, Guan Liang, Desmond, Me, Jerome, Ji Cai and Clement.
My both legs cramps that really blasted my mojo down the drain.
I couldnt run with my usual pace.
Despite my poor performance today,
God's grace still shined during the match.
We were actually leading 1-0 but then Hadi took a 'stupid' shot and lobbed Jeremy.
However i was on the goal line to supposedly clear it,
but me being too short,
i couldnt keep the ball out.
Sometimes i really wonder is football's my game or should i just quit playing football and play basketball instead.
Was really sian'd after the first half.
I really feel my height indifference being a stupid hindrance to me most of the time.
second half we up the pace of the game and we could have both won it and lost it.
Janathun rattled our crossbar and that really nearly gave me a heart attack.
we didnt hold back and we made certain number of chances as well.
2 mins before the game ends,
the inevitable happened.
But once again,
who's mistake?
Yours truly.
I intercepted the ball and tried to dribble my way through acting like i can dribble or some sort when i cant.
I eventuall lost the ball at mid-field and my cramps were getting the better of me as i couldnt find the leg strength to run back into position.
Ji Cai capitalized on the space on the left side and setup the 3rd goal of the game which looked like the winner.
I was really depressed and the "2 minutes left!" really killed my faith.
But God,
being the almighty one,
showed His grace.
When i told God at that moment,
"Shit lah. God, we're really going to lose this time."
Then God told me this,
"Don't lose faith."
At that moment,
that goal spurred my teammates on and we went on relentless attacks.
A minutue later,
the impossible happened.
Desmond pounced onto a cross and headed in the equiliser with 1 minute remaining in the game. He paid the price with cramps but it was worth it.
So 2-2 at full time.
I really thank God for showing me His grace.
We were actually planning to share the spoilers but some people at Senor wanted a penalty shootout to decide the game.
I was reluctant because i knew that we would lose the penalty shootout,
no offence guys.
But we were all not in the state to kick penalties as most of us were:
1. Too tired
2. Happened to have legs cramps
3. Not trained enough on penalties
But i eventually gave in as some members of the team wanted it.
We lost in penalties 2-4.
Overall it was a good match.
This was a gauge to show us that we ought to train harder after O levels,
especially me.
After that,
we all stayed behind and goofed around.
It was fun and i joined a new club today;
The Orange Ice Cream Club.
Seah's in it too.
So that was about it.
Went home,
ate my dinner,
and snoozed.
Now i am actually going to study a little bit since i didnt studied anything much today.
Tomorrow's another 'school holiday' i guess.
May God's grace be with all you people

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Today was a 'school holiday'.
Didnt went to school today as i felt i needed more rest.
Woke up and i was late!
Late for my show.
Have to thank Dud's message for waking me up in the nick of time.
watched tv and went out to study after that.
Went to compass starbucks to mug.
Before studying,
i just felt the urge to pray to God for Him to grant me wisdom and memory.
So i prayed and studied physics after that.
Although i did the 1997 paper,
I scored 82/100!
Considering the fact that i got an e8 for prelims,
that's really great news.
Thank God for really helping me through.
I really believe that anything is possible as long as we have faith in God and we ask Him with a sincere heart in prayer.
Dud joined me at around 3pm and we mugged and chatted till around 6pm.
Dud's new favourite: Hazelnut hot coffee.
Then Dud treated me with a hotdog for dinner.
Thank you Dud!
we studied and slacked all the way till 10pm.
Went to Dud's house later to get Heroes Season 2 episode 2.
While at his house i realised something;
a love of a grandmother.
Ever since young,
the only person i spend most of my time with is my maid.
And i really love my maid.
But there's something i've never really experienced before.
That is a real love relationship with my grandma.
As my grandmother only knows how to speak teochew,
i find it really difficult to communicate with her.
When i saw how loving Dudley's grandmother is,
it really pains my heart to realise how little time i spent with my grandmother.
Now that my grandmother has a disability to walk properly,
it's almost impossible for her to come and stay at my house anymore.
I really feel guilty in not doing my part as a grandson.
I feel ashamed.
while walking home,
i retraced back my memories of my primary school days.
Where there was no stress and we would just party all night long on saturdays.
How i missed those days.
Time is really moving on so quickly.
Every second is now history.
If only time could stop,
then there would be more time left to save people.
If there's one thing i regret the most,
it's not making full use of my time in north vista to save my friends.
The friends whom i love so dearly.
Though some may not like me,
i still love them and i really dont want to see them burn in hell.
I really pray that revival would happen in north vista for the coming of Christ is approaching.
I really hope that time could altered..

Monday, October 1, 2007


Today was yet another boring day at school.
Nothing much happened.
After school stayed behind with some of the guys to study in the class.
Went home at around 6pm.
Reached home and rested for a while.
Ate my dinner and went out again to Mac to study.
Studied from 8pm to 10.45pm.
Went home and did my quiet time.
That's about all.
Boring day.
Oh well,
1 more month and 12 days till freedom.
I will stay strong for God will be my strength, knowledge, wisdom and concentration.
My friends,
study hard but not too hard that it will affect your health.
Take care my friends.

Final Score: Sunday

Everton 2 - 0 Middlesbrough
Everton: J. Lescott (7'), S. Pienaar (58')

Peace And Thanksgiving

So today woke up and went to church.
Reached tan tock seng hospital and had to fight a war again.
after that went to church and worshipped God.
During worship,
God showed me a vision on the massive tree i saw yesterday and there He was standing beside it,
saying to me,
"You reap what you sow. Peace is what i give to you."
After that,
another vision came out,
it was a vision on one of the abondoned houses i saw yesterday.
It was a very peaceful picture of it.
And i thank God for everything.
Today's sermon was funny cause the preacher who came was very funny.
On a serious note,
the sermon today was about The Sword of the Word.
the sword is God's word and it can be used both offensively and defensively.
We must constantly oil the sword;
constantly seeking God
and not let the sword rust.
After church,
went for lunch and went back to church to study after that.
Was supposed to study history today but i didnt feel the mojo to study it.
So i did chemistry and a maths instead.
After church,
me, Keith, Jeremy and Dud continued at tan tock seng starbucks.
It was a fun time with them.
Especially with Keith and Dud.
They really made my day.
Left that place at around 9.30pm and went home.
Took the train with Dud and we ballet'd in and out of the mrt.
Funny stuff.
While on the train,
3 of us squeezed into 2 seats and Keith taught us on social studies despite us trying to shut him up.
So Dud and ma alighted at dhoby gauht station and i ballet'd out of the mrt with many people staring.
Keith took a video of it.
At dhoby gauht,
i decided to make a fool out of myself again and skipped like a sissy girl along the dhoby gauht stretch connecting the north-east line.
Dud took a video of it while laughing and chasing me.
But i accidentally deleted it.
Many people were laughing at me.
But i didnt mind.
Kinda used of doing stupid stuffs for the enjoyment of people.
So took the mrt with Dud home and chatted on the way.
As usual,
i made a fool out of myself on the train again.
But it was great talking to Dud about stuffs.
Thanks Dud.
reached home at around 10.10pm and ate my dinner.
Did my quiet time after that and going to sleep soon.
So all in all,
i jus want to thank God for blessing me in every way.
I thank God for giving me Keith and Dud as my brothers as well as everyone one at Revial Center Church.
Thank you Jesus.